A mother’s success from a daughter’s perspective

Whenever I came home to my parent’s house, there was not an early morning nor evening that I did not see my mother on bended knees before the Lord. She was in need of His presence and did not want to go on campaigning without the Lord’s leading. Politics, she said, was not one of her strong suits.

She wanted to go back in her last company which she had already served for almost 38 years. And after all that time, she still wanted to dedicate her life contributing to its development and success. She was not sure if she could make it because she knew that her opponents were way more popular (to the company’s members) than she. But her trust was in the Lord and for that He did not let her down.

Truly, success comes in different forms. My mom did not get the total votes needed to become a member of the board. But here’s a list of why I think she won/ has been winning in key areas in her life today:

  1.  Throughout the campaign season, Mom and Pops got to spend more time together toward one goal. I would not be surprised if along the way, they remembered why they fell for each other, why they chose to commit to love and support each other for better or worse. 
  2. When the election results were shown, I still saw peace and joy in her eyes. She even thanked and praised God for the people who voted for her. And up until today, she still is in awe that a first timer like her got a substantial number of votes. She was in charge of her emotions and just looked to God for her fulfillment.
  3. She was used by God for the members to have more candidates to choose from disallowing the chance to just elect or re-elect people whom they did not really have faith in.
  4. She is and will always be an inspiration to her family and friends because of her faith and obedience to God. To go out and meet people, to ask them to vote for her was not her comfort zone. But she stepped out of it and shook a lot of hands believing that God is at work in her life and He will make her a stewardess over more for His Kingdom’s advancement.
  5. This experience enabled her to check on her intentions and dreams, to realize that she still is learning about her strengths and weaknesses, to rejoice and not worry about anything she thinks she lacks and instead focus on what God did, is doing, and will do through her imperfections. 

I am proud of her and Pops and my siblings. I am thankful for all of our relatives and friends.

Momsie, you are inspiring because even you are at recovery stage right now, resting after that long exhausting day of election last February 10, you still submit yourself to God’s will of perfecting you through trials declaring that His faithfulness will show to draw people closer to Him. L.U. 

    A mother’s success from a daughter’s perspective

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