Dreams Regrets and Gratefulness

I frequently dreamed about things in my past – the old version of our house and being in college. More often than not, the dreams about being in college were enrollment scenes, or me missing classes, or having a hard time looking for a classroom. I don’t remember though, if in those dreams, I looked younger, or if I was wearing my old clothes. But I am sure that they didn’t​ happen in real life. My guess for the dreams is the unresolved feelings I have about my past. 

I prayed to the Lord about it. I said sorry that I didn’t​ give my best when I was still studying. I was sorry for my wrong priorities. I was sorry for not listening to my parents when they told me to focus on my studies. I could have graduated with flying colors. I could have done more productive things on my spare time. I could have developed more meaningful friendships.

To live with no regrets is easier said than done. Regretting is good if it gets us praying like what happened to me. It’s always a very nice feeling to be able to release our burdens to our God. As I was broken before the Lord, He comforted me and opened my mind. He led me past my regrets and let me see where He was all the while when I was being a mediocre college student swearing by cramming was the best way to go. He let me realize the many times He was my Strength, my Redeemer, my Holy God who showed me mercy, and my loving Father who gave me so much grace. 

So my prayer didn’t just end in my list of could-haves. He lifted my spirit up, and I began thanking Him for: the opportunity to study in and graduate from a great university, enabling me to complete my program even though my focus was amiss, the considerate professors, the friends who helped me get good internships, His protection during the many late night walking around campus, the church mates I got to know and who still inspire me up to this day, and the joy I saw in my parents eyes on my graduation day. 

Oh Lord, there are many things to thank You for. Help us lift everything up to You. 😘

Dreams Regrets and Gratefulness

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