DIY Toy Car Garage…s

I thank God that we don’t have many furniture in our house. My kid can run around without me worrying much about pointed table corners or fragile vases. My toddler has 2 ride-on toy vehicles and I’m sure he’s happy to cruise around without any interruption a big sofa or a coffee table would make.

Our situation is not very unique. Our house is like some other families’ – once you get inside, you’ll know who the richest member of the family is. TOYS EVERYWHERE! He really had generous guests on his 1st Birthday and he has titas who know he LOVES cars.

Thanks to Pinterest, I saw some DIY toy car garages. But I didn’t have old tables or plywoods to make one with. I know that with the materials I used this won’t last very long as the kiddo likes tearing things down and apart. My efforts might go to waste if he gets the idea to park his ride-on on it. Anyways, anything for our child, right?


1. Scissors/ cutter

2. Glue

3. Used carton boxes

4. Ignored toys for support and accessorizing

5. Coloring pens

Pictures below! Hit like if you think I did great. Thanks!

DIY Toy Car Garage…s

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